Conversion Training

The Conversion Warehouse has designed an online training program that not only provides you with the necessary instructions in the different conversion options but also helps you to prepare your presentation to your Board. We have developed this training so that you are applying the learning directly to your situation, including assessing the impact that conversion can have on your funding and in your ability to raise mortgage proceeds, if desired.

By the use of this specially-designed online training, we can put you in charge of the process. And, we can do this at a cost that is affordable.

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Very Small PHAs

(50 or fewer units)

Small PHAs

(51-250 units)

The Conversion Warehouse is not just a one-stop source for conversion planning. It’s the first stop! The Conversion Warehouse is the first place to go if you are considering conversion. It’s your best investment.

The Two Training Offerings

The Conversion Warehouse has designed two separate online training programs – one for very small PHAs (50 or fewer units) and one for small PHAs (51-250 units). In terms of conversion, the circumstances and requirements are different enough to create a separate training for each size group. That way, we can better target the instruction only to what you need to know.

How The Training Works

For each course, we have 15 separate recorded “lessons.” Each lesson generally lasts for about 5-10 minutes, for a total instruction time of around two hours. You can take the training at your convenience, i.e., you can view all applicable sessions in one sitting, or you can spread them out over one, two, or more weeks. You can also repeat (as many times as you’d like) any lesson. And, at the end of each lesson, are exercises that are designed both to reinforce the topics presented, but more importantly, to also help you apply the material to your local situation.

Also Included with the Training

In addition to the 15 lessons, you will also receive: 

1. A Planning Workbook with exercises based on each lesson. This will help you walk through the best conversion options.

2. A Conversion Guidebook to help answer more detailed program questions or to serve as a resource guide. 

3. A Conversion Assessment Tool, which calculates the contract rents and potential mortgage proceeds under each conversion option. 

4. A Case Study agency, including a sample Board Presentation that can be modified for your situation.

Training Material Snapshots

Below are snapshots from various lessons, guidebooks, workbooks, etc., included in the training.

A list of the lessons included in the training
Conversion Workbook introduction
Conversion Guidebook cover page
Contents page for the sample board presentation
Other financial considerations when converting to Section 8
Conversion Assessment Tool data entry page
PowerPoint slide on ownership and control, with reference to a case study
A walk through of an operating pro forma for each of the conversion options
Title slide of a case study

Key Learning Objectives

The training not only covers the associated conversion rules and requirements, it addresses the most important questions that you have about conversion, including:

What rent levels will my property receive under each of the conversion options?

Why, and under which option, should I convert to Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA) versus Project-Based Vouchers (PBV)?

What happens to my operating reserves upon conversion and what can I use those funds for?

Will conversion impact my board, my staff, or the mission of my agency?

Who will control or own the asset? Is a disposition required?

What are the different resident protection and relocation requirements under each option?

When do you need tenant consent to project-base the assistance?

What options are available if I don’t today operate a voucher program?

What can I do with sales proceeds? Loan proceeds? Cash flow?

What happens to my PILOT agreement/payment?

Who will now provide contract oversight for my property?

What types of use restrictions will now apply?

How will conversion affect who I serve in terms of eligibility?

What phase-out/phase-down funds am I entitled to receive under each option?

What are the associated submission requirements under each conversion option?

Will I need to submit a Financing Plan? If so, what does that look like?

We cover all of these critical topics, and more, in our training!



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Title slide of a case study