About Conversion Warehouse

Conversion Warehouse is dedicated to helping small PHAs (51-250 public housing units) and very small PHAs (50 or fewer units) with the decision to convert to Section 8 assistance.

Our Mission

Today is an enormously important time for smaller PHAs. For some, conversion can mean higher (and even significantly higher) funding. But even when the funding doesn’t change, conversion could help a PHA better meet its mission. Yet, every PHA is different. We want small and very small PHAs to take advantage of every opportunity available. But, we want them to make that decision in an informed, educated manner. While we don’t PHAs to make a rushed or poorly conceived decision, we also don’t want them to miss an opportunity that could substantially strengthen their organization. Our goal is not to push a particular conversion option. Our goal is education.

Why Small and Very Small PHAs?

The Conversion Warehouse focuses on these PHAs for three reasons:

  1. While HUD has expanded the number of conversion options for PHAs of all sizes, there are special carve-outs for small and very small PHAs. By concentrating only on those options and requirements applicable, we can help simplify your decision-making process. 

  2. Although small in size, small and very small PHAs play an essential role in our collective affordable housing delivery system. We want to help such PHAs to continue serving the housing needs of low-income households. 

  3. The issues and challenges that small and very small PHAs face are very different than those of larger, more urban agencies.



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