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Providing Small and Very Small PHAs the Training They Need on Section 8 Conversions


What Is Conversion Warehouse?

Conversion Warehouse is dedicated to helping public housing agencies (PHAs) with 250 or fewer public housing units with the decision to convert to Section 8 assistance. We specialize in cost-effective online training that helps you to (1) make the right choice for your agency and (2) prepare those recommendations for your Board. Get in touch with us today.


Conversion Trainings

Conversion Warehouse is not just a one-stop source for conversion planning. It’s the first stop! The Conversion Warehouse is the first place to go if you are considering conversion. It’s your best investment.

We have created comprehensive trainings on Section 8 conversion and would like for as many involved parties to have received the training as possible. This includes both PHAs and PHA Partners.


Executive Directors, Board Members, Etc.

Is your PHA considering conversion to Section 8? Just hoping to learn more about Section 8 for PHAs of your size? Want to be better prepared for conversations with HUD or other outside parties? Learn more about our Section 8 conversion trainings.

PHA Partners

Consultants, Developers, Etc.

The conversion training, along with the accompanying resource materials and planning tools, is also available to lenders, developers, equity investors, consultants, and other partners working with PHAs to reposition their public housing. Indeed, the Conversion Warehouse training facilitates partnering by laying a groundwork of common understanding, making interactions more efficient.

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